Services and programs at Rest Haven are designed with our residents in mind

They are a reflection of our holistic approach to helping each individual reach his or her maximum potential and get back to doing what they love.

Through individualized care plans, we meet the unique needs of each resident.

The staff at Rest Haven is concerned with your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during your stay. To keep our residents comfortable, we take great pride in our facility and make sure our center is safe, clean, and comfortable at all times.

Our commitment to maintaining a welcoming and secure environment ensures your peace of mind throughout your stay with us.


Whether you need general nursing care or complex medical services, we provide them all. Our center offers cardiac care, diabetic care, dialysis support, IV therapy, pain management, respiratory services, stroke care, and wound management. We also offer specialized rehabilitation services in:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy patients may need to restore muscle strength, improve coordination or control, and alleviate acute or chronic pain. As a physical therapy patient, you will work to get back to what you enjoy doing, whether that’s going on an evening walk or driving your car.

Occupational Therapy

In occupational therapy, you will recapture the ability to perform basic daily functions such as eating, bathing, dressing, cooking, and doing chores. The occupational therapy team will work with you and your family on a strategy for you to keep your independence as long as possible and help you do the simple things that make you happy, such as baking a pie for your family or knitting a blanket for your new grandchild.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is designed to help re-train your mouth and throat muscles after suffering brain trauma, possibly from a stroke or injury, so you are able to communicate and swallow effectively. We believe speech therapy will improve your quality of life by improving your communication with your loved ones and your ability to enjoy eating the foods you love.

At Rest Haven Health and Rehab, we prioritize exceptional patient care by offering a comprehensive range of services.

Our dedicated team of professionals ensures round-the-clock support with 24-hour licensed nursing care. We take pride in our specialized rehabilitation programs, which include physical, occupational, and speech therapies tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. Our social services team provides vital support and assistance to enhance the overall well-being of our residents. Additionally, our restorative nursing services are designed to promote and maintain independence and functionality. With the convenience of on-site lab, X-ray, podiatry, and dental services, we are committed to providing comprehensive care all under one roof, ensuring our residents receive the highest quality of care and attention.

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